a deep cleaning


A Mother’s Dream Owner, Adam Berndt, left corporate America with a dream of pouring into his local community, Oshkosh, Wisconsin and the surrounding Fox Valley. With a heart that moves most while providing service to others, he decided to start a cleaning business that aspires to help families save time and reduce the stress related to cleaning.

Adam and his mom who brought the mission to life
cleaning products that represent the AMD mission

A Mother’s Dream Mission

The mission of A Mother’s Dream is to bring joy, light and fun to the cleaning services industry. Our hope is to encourage, uplift and enrich the lives of those being served. We are honored for the opportunity to clean for you!

Equally important in this mission is the fight against Alzheimer’s-dementia. Adam’s mother, a beautiful soul, passed away from this devastating disease and her continuous message was simple… “Adam, you can do it”. She was his biggest fan and would love the mission we’re embarking upon.

Our story is unfortunately not uncommon, as this challenge touches so many other lives too. It’s because of this that we will be allocating a part of all proceeds to the ongoing research and development of solutions to the Alzheimer’s foundation in hopes of one day eradicating this disease!